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Posted 165 months ago (2/11/2005)

RatedZocorfor High cholesterolReport

Lowered cholesterol, but has a major side effect.. I've been taking 20mg of Zocor for over a year now - my bloodwork is terrific - my number is down to 198 - BUT, I noticed that my sex drive is totally gone - absolutely nothing.

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Posted 166 months ago (1/15/2005)

RatedZocorfor High cholesterolReport

Muscle Twitching and Spasms: what do to if you get This is a second generation drug more powerful than Mevacor (lovastatin) by the same company. Unfortunately I had muscle twitches with it. The spasms started within a couple days of therapy. I also felt a nice all around "buff" feeling as if I'd been working out at the gym. After first I ignored the twitches, but they increased in frequency until they were occuring more than once per minute, all over my body, and around the clock. When I felt muscle pulling in my chest this scared the crap out of me!! I discontinued for fear of the known risk of muscle wasting and myalgia with this and other statins. I tried SIX different drugs in the statin family (Zocor, Crestor, Lipitor, Prevachol, Lescol, lovastatin etc) and had the same symptoms. Finally switched to a different family of cholesterol reducers, called fibrates. I was able to reduce LDL by 39% in the first 3 months using Lofibra (fenofibrate), exercise, and plant stenols without the muscle twitching. Click on my Profile for more info. After several days on a statin, if you notice increased muscle twitching or unusual soreness in muscles that never were a problem before, immediately get a blood test called a CK level. CK stands for creatine kinase, an enzyme that leaks out of damaged muscle into the blood. When CK levels are elevated in the blood, it usually means muscle is being destroyed by some abnormal process.

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Posted 168 months ago (12/6/2004)

RatedZocorfor High cholesterolReport

works for me I have been on Zocor for several years with no side effects. The lifestyle changes which I still try to maintain (low fat diet, keep weight down, exercise) did not work to keep my cholesterol down. I believe my high cholesterol is partly genetic; my father and all his siblings have high cholesterol. Zocor has helped lower and keep my cholesterol level low.

5 Stars
Posted 168 months ago (11/18/2004)

RatedZocorfor High cholesterolReport

Works for me - No matter how much exercise I do and how carefully I monitor my diet, my Cholesterol numbers stay high. Zocor, which has no side effects that i can discern, gets my numbers down and now I understand it may also help prevent Alzheimer's.

2.5 Stars
Posted 170 months ago (9/10/2004)

RatedZocorfor High cholesterolReport

I felt I was going to die. I have several health problems one of them being diabetic. I was put on Zocor as insurance over possible heart problems in the future. My cholesterol was good but my doc said it could be even better with the drug. After taking it for a few months my bad cholesterol did go down 2 points. I took the drug for two years. Before the drug I was working and exercising at the YMCA 3x a week. Felt pretty good. Very insidiously I started to deteriorate. It happens very slowly and you don't really connect it to the Zocor I thought the CFS and Fibro were getting worse but the doctors didn't seem to think so. I just went downhill so much so that one morning I was planning how I could get around better if I got a wheelchair and could have someone push me around on weekends, so that I could just get out. I came across an email on my diabetic list about statin drugs and how two other ladies were having severe side effects and had to get off of the drug. Their symptoms were the same as mine: debilitating unrelenting muscle pain, headaches, flu like symptoms. Felt like I had exercised for hours when all I could do is lay in bed, in pain. Constant traveling pain+++ You can't think right or express yourself properly (forgetting train of thought or words) muscle twitching, depression, faintness, paleness, clammy skin. Stopped Zocor in April '04 of my own accord. It's been 4 months now. I am now disabled. I cannot work at all. It was about three days after stopping the Zocor that the 24/7 muscle pain subsided to half the pain. I'm sure I've had muscle damage. I'm not sure how much of my good health will come back. I'm better in some ways but totally wiped out in other ways. I'm taking CO enzyme Q-10. Thanks to my aunt buying it for me. She was in the same boat as I was, so sick for so long that she thought she was going to die too.. she being older. I warned her about the statin she was taking. She's been off the statins for 3 months and SO happy. She's b

3.5 Stars
Posted 171 months ago (9/5/2004)

RatedZocorfor High cholesterolReport

Zocor - simvastatin - was my poison I stopped taking it after 3 months because of pain in the shoulders and thighs. The pain got worse, and worse, and worse. Couldn't lift a cup of coffee or hold a pen. Recovered finally 9 months after stopping. Now, having read and researched for months, do not believe your cholesterol level should be interfered with. Go to and before you take any of these statins and examine the flawed research. If you are suffering from the damage go to


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