And Cut! Mourinho joins RT World Cup coverage (Behind the scenes)


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At 18:16, Aug 06, 2019


At 17:19, Aug 07, 2019


Very well, ol' friend! I've got a baby at home now - she's 10 months old and keeping me and my husband very busy, hah. And all things on the wiki roll along great, too.

Anything new in your neck of the woods?

At 18:11, Aug 07, 2019


Nice - enjoying your work? Hope it's something fun!

At 19:42, Aug 07, 2019


Thank you

At 19:57, Aug 07, 2019


Nice- sounds like good vibes for some summer earnings :)

At 20:07, Aug 07, 2019


Hello: I hope I won't get bombarded with emails. I don't have time to read them, and I just want to log in whenever I have a question. Do I need to set this up or do you do it? Thank you .

At 23:26, Aug 07, 2019


No steps yet

At 23:54, Aug 07, 2019


Hey, I'm afraid I might have clashed with you in NAB - are you editing the Instacart topic? I just got done with it outside NAB but haven't hit the promote button yet... If I don't hear from you, I will shortly, but didn't want to steal your thunder!

At 23:59, Aug 07, 2019


Ok, great - thanks Alan!

At 01:51, Aug 08, 2019


Hi I am super new here lol, I will try to help the best I can

At 12:41, Aug 09, 2019


Hi Alan, I'm good thanks!

At 12:43, Aug 09, 2019


Thanks for all the TU's!

At 20:10, Aug 09, 2019


hey alan! long time no see!

At 20:11, Aug 09, 2019


im fine, thanks!

At 22:41, Aug 09, 2019


No problem :)

At 23:10, Aug 09, 2019


Hey Alan! great to see you back! It was nice getting to know you. Hope you take care. ;)

At 23:48, Aug 09, 2019


thank you for that

At 00:00, Aug 10, 2019


Hi! Thx for the TU! ;)

At 02:52, Aug 10, 2019


Thank you Alan! I'm sad to not see you on the site anymore, too, but this is the best choice for me. It was such a pleasure working with you :)


At 11:18, Aug 10, 2019


At 18:28, Aug 10, 2019


Thanks Alan--you too! :)

At 22:47, Aug 10, 2019


I am going back to school after 30 years and afraid a little, so much has change, but I will face my fears.

At 23:09, Aug 10, 2019


hi I always have like this website. I 've seen your answer other people 's questions and I love it

At 23:10, Aug 10, 2019


how do you change your picture?

At 21:48, Aug 11, 2019


How do I write an wikihow article? I have a really good tutorial I want to post.

At 04:23, Aug 12, 2019

Haileysaid about :

Hey there, I wanted to let you know that I just promoted your article on . That means it's now fully published and searchable so that readers can find your good advice! Nicely done :)

At 14:43, Aug 12, 2019



Thanks so much for the thumbs up. :)

At 16:00, Aug 12, 2019


No problem :)

At 02:56, Aug 13, 2019


Thanks for the promotion :)

At 14:39, Aug 13, 2019


How do you post here? I’m new.

At 14:47, Aug 13, 2019


how do u post your bomb u made

At 15:00, Aug 13, 2019


At 15:47, Aug 13, 2019


Hey hey - just a little heads-up that I took the merge tag off because it's more specific than the one you linked to. If there's an existing article about making a chocolate specifically for a birthday, though, we can always merge it to that - and I think it's likely it'll be removed as a copyvio anyway, so we'll just leave it demoted for now and wait until the author responds about the copyright issue. But if you have questions as you get back up to speed on the merge policy stuff, let me know - I know it can be hard after a break!

At 16:16, Aug 13, 2019


Hi there. How do I remove an answer to a question that is incorrect and dangerous?

At 16:23, Aug 13, 2019


I am very happy to use

At 16:30, Aug 13, 2019


SOPADO. ORGANIZATION Somali's peace and development organization waa urur ka shaqeeya hormarinta nabadeynta soomaaliyeed

At 18:33, Aug 13, 2019


Hey hey Alan - look out for edits like you approved. Looks like PresskitTo is a company name, so we'd want to leave that one as is, I reckon? I reverted the change but let me know if you have concerns or questions. Thanks for helping out on patrol, too!



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