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The only downsides here are the price and the bulk of some of the cases, but protection trumps style for many people and Otterbox ensures that you sacrifice less in the style department that you would with other rugged cases. Lifeproof's cases are equally varied.

Why you'll love them: Otterbox and Lifeproof are known for their super rugged cases and even their thin cases boast more protection from drops and falls than most. Most people know Otterbox as the best company for rugged cases that can take a hit, and.

No matter which Otterbox, you choose, you get solid protection, sturdy build quality, and lots of fun design options. If you're a "Star Wars" fan, there are tons of epic cases; if you love "Guardians of the Galaxy there's a Groot case for you. The.

Stylish most iphone dock
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Fashion style Stylish most iphone dock for lady
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Cons: Expensive Shop all Otterbox cases for 40 to 60. Shop all Lifeproof cases on Amazon for 40 to 80.

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Look - Stylish most iphone dock video

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