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Red decor room images
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The colours in the paintings are not the only part of the artwork to be replicated within the decor. The angular shapes can be seen echoed in the shape of two contemporary accent chairs that have been upholstered in light grey as a break from.

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The double workspace spans the windows for good daytime reading light. A pink wall shelf displays a selection of photographs and plants. In the kids ensuite bathroom, a red vanity unit contrasts with bottle green wall tiles. A deep blue ceiling caps the scheme. Recommended.

Red decor room
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Red decor room new photo

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The dining table is an unusual black and green design. The kitchen that stands behind the dining suite holds a combination of green and grey cabinets and a pale red backsplash. A large modern chandelier with glass shades is suspended over the dining table. A.

The hallway floor has a crackle design. In the master bedroom, a striking red bed is matched by a red acrylic chair and radiator. A pair of gold wall sconces cast light over rose coloured side tables. The headboard wall is decorated with green frond.

A small selection of books and a blue elephant figurine occupy one of the double sided display spots. The mix and match colour story continues in the dining area and adjoining kitchen. The bespoke shelving units hold a selection of decorative ceramics which suit the.

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