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I have the older version, it's recently been reforumlated. When I discovered it, I loved it so much I bought a few back ups. I've smelled the new one, and it's not bad, but it is a little different. Not as much coconut. Versace Crystal.

For what it is, it's a masterpiece. i don't have a signature, because i have too many perfumes that i connect with, but this is really one of my favorites, and i find it addictive! Jan 24 2019.

2 sprays is enough, more would be in your face. i've loved it since first sniff. it's beautiful, feminine, and the interesting thing about it is that some people view it as sultry and seductive and others view it as clean and feminine. personally, i.

Perfume Versace crystal noir
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Fashion week Perfume Versace crystal noir for woman

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Versace Bright Crystal by Versace TESTER for Women Eau de

Buy Perfume Versace crystal noir pictures trends
Buy Perfume Versace crystal noir picture trends

Perfume Versace crystal noir catalog photo
Perfume Versace crystal noir catalog photo

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I recently read that luca turin rated this as a "bad perfume " along with a few other of my favorites, i was so disappointed by that. i love this, and even though it is a little synthetic, its synthetic in the same way that.

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