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Who snowman. Photo source: Dr. Who Tumblr Taking down a giant snowman Photo source: Arts Stew squirrel feeder snowwoman. Photo source: Rock River Stitches lego snowman Photo source: Mental Floss Totoro snowman. Photo source: BuzzFeed impaled by a tree snowman Photo source: m snowcat Photo source.

Its snowing in New York City today. The good fluffy kind of snow that actually sticks to the ground. If the snow makes it to the weekend (which it should since its COLD I assume my kids will want to go outside and play in.

Photo source: Memes Pictures WARNING : Dont google to find more pictures of funny snowmen, unless you want to see several snowmen and snowwomen in various sexual positions. I spared you. For more Mommy Shorts, follow me on facebook! Previous Post Next Post).

Kittens Fluffy tumblr pictures
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People treat snowman making in much more creative fashion. Want to see whats possible with a good pair of waterproof gloves and some clever thinking? upside down snowman Photo source: Buzzfeed Texting snowman Photo source: Colossal shouting snowman. Photo source: BuzzFeed ALCOHOLIC  snowman Photo source: Bored Panda.

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