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1/2 ne. sec. 31 Jan. 28, 1840 James G. Smith ne. ne. sec. 32 Nov. 30, 1840 John Doss nw. 33 Nov. 30, 1840 John Findley ne. 33 Jan. 28, 1840 Wyatt Ogle n. 1/2 se. sec. 33 Mar. 3, 1840 TOWNSHIP 59, RANGE 25.

TOWNSHIP 57, RANGE 24. B. F. Baker frac. sw. 1/4 sec 9 Aug. 16, 1836 Joseph Harper ne. ne. sec. 17 July 11, 1839 H. I. Martin w. 1/2 se. sec. 8 July 11, 1839 Reub. McCoskrie ne. ne. sec. 18 Feb. 28, 1838 Leonard.

Sec. 8 Nov. 19, 1839 John B. Hines se. 1/4 sec. 3 July 13, 1839 Wm. C. Davis w. 1/2 sw. sec 3, e. 1/2 se. sec. 9 and ne. sec. 9 Nov. 19, 1838 Samuel V. Ramsey w. 1/2 nw. sec. 3 June 17.

J w spring anderson
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Log cabins and small clearings were soon made throughout the county and in 1836 Jesse Nave had established a little store at Spring Hill, then called Navestown, which name it bore for some years. The country was a hunter's paradise. The honey hunters from the.

Sec. 2. Dec. 14, 1839 Alex. Dockery ne. 1/4 e. 1/2 se. sec. 10 Nov. 19, 1838 Robert Dockery sw. sw. sec. 10 July 31, 1839 John Brigle w. 1/2 nw. sec. 10. Oct. 25, 1839 R. W. Reeves ne. ne. sec. 3 and nw.

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