How to Use the Lady‐Comp Baby

Many unintentionally childless couples are faced with a wide range of choices to help them conceive, however, most procedures are not only invasive and coupled with a range of side-effects but also carry great costs such as hormonal treatments or In Vitro Fertilization. Fertility Monitors such as the LADY-COMP® BABY offer a non-invasive and low cost alternative in helping you conceive. By measuring your daily basal body temperature it assesses your most fertile and least fertile days in each menstrual cycle. That way it helps you know your most likely days to get pregnant, without having to deny yourself the romance that should go along with family planning.


  1. Recharge the device battery for 24 hours.You cannot take your temperature during this process. To ensure maximum longevity of the battery you should allow for the device to charge fully before its first use.
  2. Press any button for the device to be switched on.The current time will be displayed.
  3. Set the alarm.Press the minus button once in order to take you to the alarm setting level. The alarm symbol will appear on the display. The round button should then be held down for some 5 seconds until the alarm symbol begins to flash. Move the hours up or down using the minus and plus buttons until you have reached the desired time for the alarm to wake you in the morning. By pressing the round button again you reach the minute-level, where you proceed equally to set the minutes. Once you have completed the process you keep pressing the round button for 5 seconds again and an acoustic signal notifies you that the alarm-time has been set successfully. The alarm symbol stops flashing and the desired wake-up time appears on the display. Now that you set the time, go on to the next step to activate the alarm.
  4. Press the minus button once until the alarm-time is displayed.The press the minus button again for the alarm-bell symbol to start flashing. Now press the plus button to complete the process. Your alarm is now activated.
  5. Enter past menstruation data.This should be your very first stepbeforetaking your temperature for the first time with the LADY-COMP® BABY. To enter the data you first need to activate the "M" symbol. You do so by pressing the round button once. The date will appear and you can then use the minus and plus buttons to go to the desired date.
    • Begin with the input of the data in chronological order, entering the one farthest away in time. You keep pressing the round button for some 5 seconds until the letter "M" flashes on the display. Now press the plus button so the "M" remains illuminated. To correct the entry simply press minus again.
    • You repeat the proceedings with every first day of your past menstruation, the LADY-COMP® BABY will add the length of 3 days for your period automatically.
    • Entering when you menstruate: On days you are menstruating you may have to activate the "M" function as described above under "entering past menstruation data". However, the "M" may already start flashing after your temperature reading on some days. In those cases you simply press the plus button when you are in fact having your period and the M will remain illuminated, and on days you do not you press the minus button until the "M" disappears from the display. It is important to enter "M" on a minimum of 3 consecutive days.
  6. Enter your Body Mass Index (BMI).This data facilitates cycle evaluation and is therefore recommended to be entered. The BMI calculates your body mass based on your age, weight and height. To enter this data hold down both the plus and minus button simultaneously for 5 seconds. The symbol for birthdate lights up. Hold down the round key for 5 seconds until the year flashes. You can use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the numbers to display your year of birth. Save the changes by holding down the round button for another 5 seconds.
    • To enter your height you only need to press the round button quickly. Then hold it down for 5 seconds. The height symbol will flash. Use the minus and plus buttons again to enter your height and save the changes by holding the round button down for another 5 seconds.
    • Lastly, enter your weight using the same proceedings: Press the round button quickly before holding it for another 5 seconds. When the weight symbol flashes enter your weight using the plus and minus signs and save the changes by holding the round button once again for some 5 seconds.
    • Now you press the round button quickly for the LADY-COMP® BABY to calculate the BMI based on the data you just entered. The calculated figure will appear on the display. By pressing the round button one last time all entries will be stored safely and the time will be displayed again.
  7. Take a temperature reading.After you have entered all the data you can look forward to the next morning, where your LADY-COMP® BABY will wake you up gently for the very first time.
    • The alarm tone rings at the desired wake-up time and you can switch it off by pressing any button. The thermometer-symbol is now illuminated signifying that the device is now ready for the temperature reading.
    • Place the thermometer under your tongue. Make sure the tip of the thermometer is right at the very back of your lower tongue to either the left or right of the frenulum, and close your mouth. Press any button to start the temperature reading.
    • The thermometer-symbol now starts flashing. This procedure will take some 1- minutes. The LADY-COMP® BABY will signal with a beep that the temperature has been taken and the measurement value will be displayed. The high-precision thermometer displays any temperatures between 34.5 and 41 degrees Celsius, and will display the letter "F" above a temperature of 37.8 °C (100.0 °F).
    • Your fertility for the next 24 hours will now be displayed. The Lady comp will display the fertility level of the day by color-indication.
      • A red light means you are fertile, a green light means you are not. A Yellow light indicates that the computer is in its learning or transitory phase. And a flashing red light signifies that today you are predicted to ovulate.
      • When the red, yellow and green indication lights are flashing simultaneously you are probably pregnant. A pregnancy is confirmed by the 18th day following conception by constant illumination of the three lights.
  8. Set the date:When proceeding from the time display press the round button once, then hold the round button down for 5 seconds until the date flashes. Adjust the date as usual using the plus and minus keys. Upon completion press and hold the round key down again for 5 seconds until the acoustic signal confirms the input. The year adjusts automatically on the 1st of January of every new year without any need for resetting. This also applies to leap years. You may only need to change the date and time when traveling or due to seasonal time changes where applicable.
    • When proceeding from the time display you hold the round button down for 5 seconds. The hours will begin to flash and you can use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the hours. Upon completion press the round button again shortly to move up to the minute-level, using the same technique to adjust the time. To finish the process hold the round button down again for 5 seconds. The flashing will stop and an acoustic signal confirms your input.

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    How long does it take to recognize you are pregnant?
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    10 days to two weeks.
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  • If you work in shifts, you can still use this product. It allows you to measure up to 6 hours of your usual wake-up time the LADY-COMP® BABY is even more suitable for you than some hormonal contraceptives that only allow some 2 hours difference in its intake-time.
  • If you used to document your cycle data manually before, you can still use this data when starting with the LADY-COMP® BABY. You can enter your past menstruation data before you take your first temperature reading.
  • Whenever you are going to take a longer trip to a country in a time zone with more than 6 hours time difference, make sure to set the clock on your fertility computer to the local time immediately after arrival and activate the alarm. Do not however take your temperature until 2 days into your holiday then start measuring again as usual. This way LADY-COMP® can forecast your fertility pattern as usual. Whenever you are traveling to a destination with less than 6 hours time difference you can take your temperature as usual, right after waking up, since it is still within the acceptable timeframe.
  • If you have an irregular sleeping schedule...If by the time you wake up to tend to your baby you are already within the six-hour timeframe you can take your temperature immediately and then get back to bed. Otherwise you can take your temperature in the morning as planned, given that you have had at least 4 hours rest before doing so, to guarantee a reliable fertility forecast by the LADY-COMP® BABY.
  • On days where you are running a fever the device will indicate this by showing an "F" on the display. The light will be flashing yellow. Although your readings will not become unreliable, it is advised not to take your temperature while you are sick. After that, you can continue taking your temperature as usual.
  • At the press of a button the LADY-COMP® BABY allows you to review your data of the past 180-250 days. If you like, you can also the company print and analyze your data for you (contact them directly for a free print-out and cycle analysis).
  • Your data is safely stored until you choose to remove it. The device is protected against voltage fluctuations and power failures, and the time and year even continue to run indefinitely even if no battery or outside power source is providing the Lady-Comp with electricity. Whenever the power shuts off, all data remains stored. In order to deleted your data a code has to be entered similar to the activation code of the mobile phone, making it virtually impossible to delete entries by mistake.


  • In order to keep track of your ovulation pattern accurately, it is important that you take your temperaturebeforegetting up, right after you wake up. As soon as you become active your body's temperature will be influenced and the accuracy of the reading cannot be guaranteed.
  • Try to avoid taking your temperature when running a fever or when your bodily temperature has been altered artificially through the in-take of pharmaceuticals.

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Discussion on this topic: How to Use the LadyComp Baby, how-to-use-the-ladycomp-baby/
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