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Listed first in her bio were positive traits that Natalie hoped bachelors would find attractive and capture their attention before moving onto the cons. The penultimate slide shows the 'reality' of dating Natalie including a picture of her wearing a charcoal face mask and a.

The singleton was compelled to take the drastic measure after becoming tired of always being the one who 'goes home alone'. Natalie Palmer, from South Wales is hoping to woo potential men with her Tinder presentation called 'Why you should swipe me'. The 23-year-old singleton.

Natalie said: 'I'm 2019's Bridget Jones because I always end up going home alone. 'I've done about 40 dates in nine months - they've all been atrocious. 'I was just lying in bed looking through my phone and wanted to do something creative with my.

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'It's nice to walk into a nice fresh-smelling house and just be happy about it. It's also a sense of stress relief for me, I just get the hoover out and within five minutes I've calmed myself down.'. Up next were details of her previous.

Natalie said: 'One of the main things men write on Tinder is 'I own my own house'. I think it's a bit arrogant - well done for having a good credit rating but some of us don't which is why I wrote that.'. Natalie wants.

Natalie's ad is proving a big hit with Tinder users as she's been inundated with messages from men loving her quirky approach. Natalie said: 'I like being cuddled and have been dumped twice for being too affectionate. 'I love red wine but apparently that is.

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