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How to Start a Romance Book Club


Finding Members

  1. Determine how many members you hope to have.Too few members may mean that the conversation will run dry too soon, while too many members could make some uncomfortable and may make it impossible for everyone to get a turn to talk.
    • Consider the atmosphere you want to create. Generally, romance book clubs tend to be a little more personal and close-knit, so you may want to shoot for a limit of four to eight members.
  2. Keep gender in mind.Women are generally more likely to join a book club, and this is especially true for romance book clubs. While you probably won’t have many men asking for admittance, you should still decide whether or not to even allow them to join. Romance novels tend to be fairly intimate, and some women may feel uncomfortable talking about them in when men are around.
  3. Bear in mind age and circumstance.A 16 year old single girl is likely to have different ideas about romance than a 32 year old married mother of three. You do not need to put a strict limit on who can join, but setting an age range may help your group to focus its interests.
  4. Contact your friends.The easiest way to find new members is to ask friends and family with a passion for reading to join you. You can also spread the word to friends who would not be interested in joining, just in case they know someone who might be.
  5. Post an ad.Put a flyer up at your local library, take out an ad in the paper, or post about your new club on a free classifieds website with a section for your region. Describe the purpose of your group, the types of romance books you plan on reading, and any restrictions on membership.
  6. Comb through online communities devoted to romance fiction.Message boards and blogs dedicated to the discussion of romance books are a good place to start. Even though these websites already offer book discussions, a few of the members may be interested in breaking off into a smaller group to discuss a specific book. Similarly, if enough members are from the same geographic location, they may want to meet in person to discuss their favorite romances.
  7. Post on related forums, as well.Message boards tailored to women or those that discuss love and relationships are likely to have a few members who enjoy a good romance novel and have an interest in joining your club.

Setting Up Meetings

  1. Meet in private.If your group is small enough and your members are comfortable enough with each other, you can meet in your homes. As the group’s leader, you can either hold each meeting in your own home or ask if anyone else would be willing to take turns hosting. No one should feel pressured into hosting, however.
  2. Meet in public.Choose a public place that offers some level of privacy; otherwise, the shyest of your members may not feel comfortable voicing her ideas and opinions on the intimate details. Think library conference rooms, restaurants with secluded seating, and sparsely populated parks.
  3. Meet online.You can set up a small forum, chat room, blog, social media group, or e-mail group. This may make it difficult for any members who are not technologically adept, but this option also allows you to meet with members from virtually any geographic location. Plus, you never need to worry about needing to cancel a meeting due to bad weather or construction.
  4. Decide how often to meet.If you only want to meet whenever you finish a book, you may want to schedule your meetings on a monthly basis. If you want to meet periodically to discuss the book in the midst of reading it, schedule meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  5. Set a few basic rules.The biggest, most obvious rules are to show up and to read the book. You may not need to set up any official rules outside of that unless problems arise between members later on.
  6. Figure out the format.Will you consistently lead discussions, or should each member take a turn? Should you come up with a list of discussion questions to cover, or would members be better off saying whatever is on their mind? It may take you a few meetings before you can figure out what discussion format works best for your group.
  7. Make time for gossip.Reading about romance may make the members of your group want to talk about their own love lives, but doing so in the midst of book club takes away from valuable discussion time. Instruct members who want to socialize to meet a little beforehand, or invite them to stay past your scheduled book club time.

Picking Books

  1. Set the "heat level." Romance books range from sugary sweet and innocent to saucy and erotic, and not every reader will enjoy both degrees. Talk with your members to determine what level of heat everyone feels comfortable with. Alternatively, you can start by selecting the heat level you would be most interested in reading and aim to find members with the same tastes.
  2. Stick with one sub-genre.Romance books generally fall under a specific sub-genre. If you want to keep things focused and simple, select one sub-genre and stick to books that fall into that category. Generally, when most people think of a straightforward romance novel, they think of contemporary romance. These books take place after World War II and involved realistic characters and scenarios.
  3. Pick books from multiple sub-genres.To make things a little more interesting, mix up your sub-genres every now and then. You could start with a contemporary romance before switching to a historical romance. After that, you could branch into paranormal romance, romantic suspense, inspirational romance, or any other sub-genre.
  4. Venture into nonfiction.The goal of your club is to read romance books, but not every romance book is completely fictitious. Give your members a refreshing look at reality by occasionally selecting a book based on a true romance.
  5. Read a classic romance.Think of Jane Austen or the Brontë sisters. The books these authors wrote describe romances that have resonated with readers throughout the ages. Reading a classic here or there pays homage to these early pioneers of the romance genre.
  6. Select a current bestseller.Plenty of romance books make the bestseller list. If all else fails, simply choose a romance book that everybody’s talking about. The outside interest in the book may spark even more interest inside your group.
  7. Ask for suggestions.Your members may appreciate your willingness to take their opinions into consideration. You can either take turns choosing, or you can each offer up a suggestion and take a vote.
  8. Read different books and compare.Even though you should usually read the same book in order to facilitate more discussion, you can occasionally change things up by each selecting a cheap paperback romance of comparable lengths and compare notes. Compare the characters, setting, and plot points to determine what works best out of each book.

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  • Even if you do not have a strict list of questions to cover after reading each book, you may want to keep a few potential talking points in mind in case your members have a hard time starting the discussion. Ask members what they liked and disliked, or try to compare and contrast the book with past selections from your club. You can also discuss whether or not the romance described in the book is possible in realty.

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