How to Make Candied Pizza

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Candied pizza is a fun inclusion to the holiday season food treats and it's an ideal treat for such occasions as backyard camping, movie nights, football game watching, sleepovers and much more. Easy to make (although not so easy to stop yourself from munching the topping as you make it), this is a treat sure to please everyone.


  • Cookie dough (purchased or homemade)
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Chocolate chips
  • Hershey's Kisses™
  • Crushed Oreo™ Cookies (optional)
  • Other candy you like (optional but tasty) - choices include miniature jelly beans, candied fruit, chocolate covered raisins, candy corn, glazed cherries, licorice pieces, shredded coconut, gummy bears, chocolate-coated nuts or raisins, marshmallows, Skittles, pieces of Maltesers, etc.

Frosting: (optional)

  • 1/4 lb, 125 g white or chocolate flavored candy coating
  • 1 teaspoon, 5ml shortening


Candy Pizza

  1. Preheat the oven to 200ºF/93ºC.
  2. Prepare the cookie dough as directed by the package or recipe.Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough. Make it nice and flat, however, avoid making it too flat or the pizza won't turn out well.
    • If you want to change the texture of the candy pizza base, add stir-ins and mix through well before rolling out. Stir-ins can include chopped marshmallow, chopped nuts, crushed cereal, crushed pretzel sticks, etc.
  3. Heat the chocolate fudge over the double boiler.When you think it has melted enough to be spread easily, take it off the stove. Scoop the fudge into a bowl. Spread out the chocolate fudge in the same manner as spreading out pizza sauce, using a soup spoon or knife.
  4. Put the pizza in the oven once you are ready.Every five minutes, check up to see how the candied pizza is doing. When it looks ready, take the pizza out, and let it cool for a few minutes. When you're ready, proceed to the next step.
  5. Put the chocolate chips and Hershey's Kisses on a microwaveable plate.Heat it up in the microwave for 2-3 seconds. Take the slightly melted chocolate chips and kisses out.
  6. Cover the whole pizza with the chocolate chips.Once it's all covered with these, spread around some kisses, and then you can spread out your other candies and Oreo™ Cookies.
  7. Serve.Enjoy your pizza! It is now ready to eat. Slice in the same way as for a pizza and hand it around for dessert or snack time.

Candy Pizza Frosting

  1. Drizzle over some frosting.Although optional, this makes a final delectable touch.
  2. Assemble the ingredients outlined above.
  3. Mix the candy coating and shortening in a microwave proof measuring cup.
  4. Place in the microwave.Zap until melted.
  5. Remove and drizzle haphazardly over the pizza.Allow to set before serving.

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  • Besides cookie dough, it is possible to make a range of chocolate candy pizza bases which can allow you to use your favorite chocolate style.
  • Use white chocolate for the sauce and dye it red with food coloring for the ultimate pizza sauce effect.
  • Use dark chocolate doughnut shaped chocolate bits to mimic slices of olives. Use chocolate Hershey Kisses to do this. Melt them in a microwaveable container, remove from the heat and shape them on a piece of wax paper. Allow to set before adding to the candy pizza.
  • Use little red fruit discs to mimic pepperonis.
  • Coat the pizza base in sugar for added, heavy sweetness.


  • Use oven mitts to handle hot containers and trays.
  • Too many sweets could cause you to get sick.

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