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How to Make an Art Kit


Making an Adult Kit

  1. Decide what you will put everything in.Choose something easy to carry around with you, especially if you want to do art on location or you are taking classes. You could use anything from a shoe box to an old briefcase.
    • Choose an ample container. You are likely to acquire more art supplies as you continue.
    • Plan to protect the supplies that are sensitive. A hard sided pencil case or simply a tin or shoe box can keep pencils and other delicate items from breaking.
    • Give some thought to how you will carry paints, brushes, and whatever you will use to clean them, especially if you're painting away from home.
  2. Find or buy some basic equipment.Here's a list of what you might need with a rough estimated price. You will not need all of these items; just select what you would like to use and then build up your kit as you go along. You can always add to it later.
    • Pencil Set/£3-5
    • Pens/£1
    • Sketchbook/£3-4
    • Oil Pastels/£2-4
    • Dry Pastels/£2-4
    • Acrylic paint set/£4-7
    • Paint Brushes/£1
    • Water Soluble Pencils/£3-4
    • Colouring Pencils/£3-4
    • Glue/£1-2
    • Scalpel/£3-5
    • Metal Ruler
    • Pencil sharpener. A small, handheld one will travel well.
    • Clay

Making a Child's Kit

  1. A child's kit is extremely easy to make, since children are naturally creative and they will use just about anything.Here's a child's list to get started.
    • Colouring Book/£1
    • Safety Scissors/£1
    • Colouring Pencils/£3
    • Pipe cleaners and other items like that/£1
    • Non-toxic glue
    • Sketchbook/£1
    • Play-doh
    • Markers
  2. Include a cheap plastic tablecloth or oilcloth in a child's kit and explain to Mom and Dad that it's to go underneath anything messy:paint, clay, glue, etc. Plastic tablecloths easily cover the whole table and they come large enough for several friends or even the whole scout troop to gather around.
  3. With this child's kit it's really up to you.Use anything age-appropriate that they can't hurt themselves with.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    If a child is a very good artist, should I get professional stuff, or basic?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Get basic for grades K through 4, and professional for grades 5 through 12.
  • Question
    Which one is suitable for a 12-year-old, the adult or children one?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    It would depend on the child's skills, but if capable, the child would probably prefer the adult one.
  • Question
    Can I use a bag instead of a box?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    A box can be more easily organized and it will not take much time to search for something.
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  • Art kits make great gifts. Try to learn a bit about the artist who will receive your kit so that you do inspire and don't duplicate. For gifts, interesting materials (e.g. fabric, paper, wood) might be a good addition, especially if your artist tends toward mixed media or crafts.
  • If you want to skip all the hassle of searching through shops you can find lots of different starter kits for children and adults ranging from £5 to £100.
  • Leave yourself plenty of room to expand. Art supplies have a way of growing.
  • Remember that art is more than drawing and painting. If you find yourself drawn toward other activities or media, make the most of it. There's no reason why an extraordinary work of art can't be made of fabric, concrete, plastic, metal, natural materials, found materials, or anything else that will fit the bill. If you're already skilled at welding, sewing, woodworking or the like, you may already have many of the supplies you need.
  • Did you give an art kit last year? If it was well received, expand on it this year. New materials and supplies can afford an artist the opportunity to expand and can sometimes supply new inspiration.
  • Colouring is not an especially artistic endeavour. If the child who will receive this art kit happens to enjoy it, go ahead. If not, encourage creativity and innovation by giving a blank sketch book, or look for the "Anti Coloring Book" series.
  • If your kit is for a child make sure you buy non-toxic products and safety scissors.
  • Start simple, especially if you are making this kit for yourself. If you want to get into drawing, start with just an ordinary pencil and paper, then as you find yourself improving, invest in some color pencils and a sketch book or a simple prepared kit, obtaining supplies as you need them. Remember: gear doesn't make the artist; practice does. This approach will help you to find your artistic style while saving a bit of money and avoiding the clutter of materials you don't use.
  • Experiment. If a particular medium, tool, or other item interests you, give it a try. Don't give up on your first attempt, either. Give yourself a chance to get familiar with a new addition before deciding whether to keep at it.

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