How to make the best lebanese labneh sandwich

How to Make a Labne Sandwich

Two Methods:

Labne is a Middle-Eastern spread that is used on sandwiches. It is primarily made out of milk, and is a type of yogurt that people tend to enjoy with olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and tea. This wikiHow article will guide you into making one of the most delicious Labne  sandwiches!


  • Pita Bread
  • Labne
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Dried Thyme (Zaatar)
  • Dried Mint
  • Green Olives (or black olives)
  • Half of a cucumber
  • Half of a tomato


Preparing the Sandwich

  1. Choose a bread.It is recommended to use white Pita bread, but some people prefer to use wheat Pita bread, or toast. In this case, white Pita bread will be used to make the sandwich. However, the same steps apply for any other case.
  2. Put the pita bread in the microwave for 1 minute and 25 seconds.Do this if the pita bread is frozen. This will allow the bread to thaw.
  3. Wait until the bread is warm and soft, then apply the Labne.Using a tablespoon, open the container of Labne and apply a spoonful on the Pita bread.
  4. Spread the Labne evenly.It is important to put enough Labne on the Pita bread, in order to taste enough of it, when the bread is rolled up. When adding the Labne, add enough so that you don't see the bread underneath the spread.

Adding Your Favorite Condiments

  1. Add a dash of salt and drizzle olive oil.Salt and olive oil add to the delicious taste of the Labne and make the sandwich more enjoyable.
    • Don't add too much salt. You should also try using Alonia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  2. Try adding dried thyme to your sandwich.The thyme is mixed with sesame seeds, salt, and sumac, to make a Middle-Eastern seasoning called Zaatar. Add a sprinkle of Zaatar to your sandwich.
  3. Add some dried mint.These herbs go hand-in-hand with the olive oil and salt to create a savory taste.
  4. Put olives on your sandwich.Green olives, or black olives, can be used depending on your preference. In this case, green olives will be used on this sandwich. Remove the pit from a spoonful of olives. If you are using seedless olives, proceed to the next step.
  5. Wait until the olives are seedless, then align them vertically on the Pita bread.It is important to add a handful of olives so that each bite is full of flavor! Adding the olives in a straight line will ensure that each bite includes an olive.
  6. Thinly slice a cucumber to add to the sandwich.Two or three slices are enough to add to the sandwich. Cucumbers give a tasty crunch to the Labne!
  7. Add a tomato to this delicious sandwich!Thinly slice half a tomato, and add two or three slices to the sandwich. Make sure the tomato is juicy for the best results and taste!
  8. Roll the sandwich, as you would with a taco.Serve and enjoy, perhaps a cup of tea.

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  • Labne can be bought at any Middle-Eastern supermarket, and pita bread can be found at any grocery store
  • Make sure your Pita bread is soft; that way, it won't crack once you roll up the sandwich.
  • You can use any brand of olives on your sandwich.

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