How to get a byfriend in elementary school

How to Get a Boy in Elementary School


Friendship First

  1. Be friends with the boy you like.Hang around him a lot, you might soon become friends.
  2. Get to know him well.What are his interests, what does he like doing and what things do you have in common with him?
  3. Get to know his friends more.If you don't know his friends, make more effort to get to know them.
  4. Be hisbestfriend.Don't try to push his other best friends out of the way though, or he'll never like you.
  5. Be nice and be thoughtful.Do not scold, boss or yell at him; he won't be interested in staying friends with you if you display these tendencies.
    • Don't call him stupid or ugly or anything mean.
    • Show him you're there for him but don't baby him.
  6. Don't let people make fun of him.Stand up for him and let him see that you really mean your friendship with him.
  7. Allow the friendship to blossom properly.That means, give it time. Even if it progresses no further than friendship, at least you have a good friend in the making. After all, you're both still really young and there is a lot of life ahead of both of you.

Doing Stuff Together

  1. Be interested in the sports that he does.If he is playing basketball in PE, then tell him he did a good job. If you like the sport, join in and suggest you play together, either for practice or for real.
    • Show off your athletic ability because you are good at it and enjoy it. Don't show off just to impress him; you're too smart for that.
  2. Stand next to him in line and sit next to him at assemblies.Not all the time. He'll think you're weird. But sometimes.
  3. Talk together.Talk about things you have in common, things you both like doing and things that happen at school. Keep it light and friendly.
  4. Avoid interrupting his time spent with friends.Find out when he is happy to spend time together and let him know when you're free too, and when you'd rather spend time with your girlfriends.
  5. Continue to aim to do well in school.You could even study together, and help each other to learn the things you're both best at.

Becoming Closer

  1. Do not ask him out.Seek first to be really good friends. If you want something more, give it a lot of time. You are both very young and it's a lot more fun to spend time together as friends, learning more about one another and having fun than making things awfully serious and complicated. The moment you get serious, the fun stops and the worries start.
  2. Avoid love letters or telling your secret to others.These sorts of actions might cause him to not like you or to find you silly.
  3. Keep your romantic interest close to your heart.Don't tell him you like him until you are either moving or going to a new school or until you are in at least grade 5. The awkwardness of learning that you have feelings for him might ruin your friendship!
  4. Chill and take it all in your stride.You're in elementary school. You have the rest of your life for romance. Don't rush it.

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  • Try not to make things too awkward. He might get creeped out.
  • Do not involve boys in girly drama. Most boys don't like it. If some girl in your class likes him too, don't fight about it. Because then he won't like either of you.
  • Take care of yourself and keep clean. That way, he sure can't say that you have "cooties"!
  • Wear normal clothes so he'll like you for you and not a super girly type of person.
  • Do not make him look bad in front of people.
  • Try not to say bad things in front of his friends.
  • Tell him you like him when you can talk alone for a minute somewhere private.
  • Don't say you like him too quickly, just wait for the right moment.
  • If he likes you, ask your parents if you can have a boyfriend. Tell the boy to ask his parents to do the same so that there won't be any trouble.
  • Try to avoid disagreements with him. Flirting or spending a lot of time with his best friends may also cause him to possibly deter from you as he may feel jealous.
  • Don't act like you are embarrassed!
  • If you're interested in his interests than talk about them with him.
  • Don't send all your time on him, you might look desperate.
  • Try not to talk about him too much with friends. Some of your friends may spread rumors that will make your crush not like you.
  • Never try to be someone else. If your crush doesn't like you, he might just be too embarrassed to say that he likes you. Don't give up hope.


  • This probably won't work if you're more than one year older than him. At this age, the girls are generally more mature anyway, so it would be difficult to have a relationship with a younger boy.
  • Don't forget that you are in elementary school. If it does not work out now, you have a whole lifetime ahead of you that can be spent in part on making him yours.


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