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How to Drive Someone in Labor to the Hospital

Three Methods:

If someone has asked you to drive them to the hospital while they're in labor, you're probably aware of what a huge honor and responsibility it is. While it's easy to become overwhelmed by such an important task, planning the drive will make you feel confident and prepared. When the time comes, you can take steps to make the laboring woman comfortable so you'll safely make it to the hospital without any problems.


Getting Ready for the Drive

  1. Plan the route to the hospital.Test drive different ways to get to the hospital. This way you'll know which way is the fastest, the best way to go if there's heavy traffic, or alternate ways if there is construction. Be aware that traffic will be different depending on the time of day. You can pick the best route when the woman goes into labor.
    • Keep in mind what events may be going on near the due date. This will help you avoid possible traffic problems, like a parade along your hospital route.
  2. Determine where you can park.If the woman is delivering at a large hospital it's important to know where you can park since many hospitals have several parking lots or garages. Plan to park close to the Labor and Delivery wing or find a convenient way to temporarily park the car so the woman can check in. This way, you can move the car and return to the Labor wing.
    • Don't forget to check any parking fees or time limits before you park. You don't want your car to be towed while you're in the hospital!
  3. Decide which car to drive.If you have several cars, choose ahead of time which car you'll drive. This way you won't be scrambling at the last minute to find keys, make sure it's full of gas, or load the hospital bag. Ensure that you choose a car that is easy for the laboring woman to get in and out of comfortably.
    • If you plan on using a car service like Uber or Lyft, call ahead to guarantee that the driver will drive the laboring woman to the hospital.
  4. Gather the things you'll need at the hospital.It's a good idea to have a bag ready with all the things you'll want at the hospital. The woman may already have a bag packed for herself, but you might need things if you plan on staying for the labor. You'll also need to have a car seat installed or ready to install in the car.
    • If you have an infant car seat, you can install the base and carry the seat into the hospital. However, if you're using a combination car seat, you won't be able to install the seat ahead of time and carry it into the hospital because there is no separate base.

Making the Drive

  1. Make the woman comfortable.Ask the woman if there's anything you can do to make her more comfortable in the car. For safety reasons, it's important that she buckles up. She may feel more at ease if she sits in the back seat where she can stretch out.
    • You may want to keep blankets and pillows in the car to make her even more comfortable.
  2. Protect the car from messes.If the woman's water hasn't broken, be prepared in case it breaks while you're driving. Lay a thick towel down on the seat and have a few more in case she needs to wipe herself off as well. You should also travel with a plastic bag for the woman to use if she develops nausea and needs something to vomit into.
    • Some women may still experience leaking even after their waters break, so it's a good idea to put down a towel anyway.
  3. Play soothing music.Play relaxing music or use scents that soothe the laboring woman so her labor continues to progress. Many women find that the stress of traveling to the hospital causes the labor to stall or temporarily stop. Consider spritzing a little perfume or essential oils in the car and turn on soft music. These can relax her and help her labor progress.
    • It's alright if her labor slows down a little. This just means that it may take more time for her labor to pick back up at the hospital.
    • Some laboring women prefer quiet, so ask the woman if she'd rather you turn the music off.
  4. Obey the traffic laws.Avoid speeding, running lights, and reckless driving that could put your car and others in danger. Instead, follow the traffic laws to ensure that you make it safely to the hospital. You may even want to drive slower if this makes the woman in labor more comfortable.
    • Try to go slower over bumps, railroad tracks, or through construction. The jostling may be painful for the laboring woman, so taking it slowly can make it easier to handle.
  5. Remain calm.The laboring woman will pick up on your stress and nervousness which could stall her labor (making it temporarily slow down). Try to remain in control, calm, and confident so she can focus on making it through contractions. Practice any breathing exercises you learned birthing classes, repeat a mantra, or visualize a safe arrival at the hospital.
    • Remember that it's alright if you don't feel calm and confident. You just need to display outward control of the situation. Once she realizes that you can safely get her to the hospital, she'll feel more comfortable.

Getting to the Hospital in Unique Circumstances

  1. Call for an ambulance if it's a medical emergency.If you're prepared to drive the woman to the hospital and there doesn't seem to be a medical emergency, you can certainly do so. But, if it will take you more than 15 minutes to get to the hospital and something seems to be unusual with the labor, you should call an ambulance. To call an ambulance:
    • Give the woman's details, address, and phone number. Be calm and clear when giving the information. Explain the medical emergency and follow any directions that the emergency dispatcher gives you.
  2. Prepare for a possible delivery in the car.If you're on the way to the hospital, but it doesn't look like you'll make it before the woman delivers the baby, pull off to the side of the road. Call 911 and follow their instructions until help arrives.
    • Keep in mind that you probably won't need to deliver the baby yourself, but it may be helpful to know the basics of how to deliver a baby just in case.
  3. Avoid driving yourself to the hospital if you're in labor.Call for help or someone to drive you to the hospital. If you feel like the baby may be coming, get down on the ground and try to find a towel or blanket to wrap the baby in. Remain calm until help comes.
    • Don't hesitate to call the hospital you intend to deliver at and ask for an ambulance if no one can drive you to the hospital and you're in labor.

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  • If you'll be driving the woman and baby home after the delivery, ensure that the car seat is already installed in the car. Most hospitals will require you to show the car seat before you leave with the baby.

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