Teacher fired for racist tweets

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How to Deal with Racist Name‐Calling

Three Methods:

Overt, in-your-face racism tends to happen less often in modern society. However, it does happen. When it does, it’s important to know how to react. You can always return the insult, but in such cases, you’re only making the problem worse. Deal with someone who intentionally calls you a racist name by keeping yourself safe and reporting the incident. Try educating someone who makes racist remarks out of ignorance. Finally, follow a few self-care practices to keep your cool during and after the experience.


Responding to Intentional Racism

  1. Ignore them and their comment.One tried and true approach to dealing with racists isnot dealingwith them. Don’t give the person any of more of your attention. Keep walking, working, or doing whatever you were doing. They’ll get the message.
  2. Get to a safe place.While some people make racist remarks simply out of ignorance, others do so out of hatred. If at any time you don’t feel safe around a racist, ignoring them is the best bet. Don’t say anything. Get yourself to a safe place where others are present, such as a restaurant or public building.
  3. Report them to a superior.If a racial remark happens at your school or work, you can tell someone in charge. This ensures that others in authority are aware of potential racists. It also helps you create a record of the incident in case there are issues in the future.
    • You might go to a teacher, guidance counselor, or supervisor and say, "I was called a racist name and I'd like to report it." Tell the person, in detail, what happened.
    • Keep in mind that they may not do anything about the initial incident. But, be sure to report any further incidences to them. If they don't act, reach out to someone else in charge, such as their supervisor.
  4. Know when to take legal action.If the person who called you a racist name is someone in authority (such as an employer, business owner, or teacher), you may need to take legal action due to discrimination. Certain websites such as RacistReport.org can help you find a lawyer who handles racial hate crimes.

Educating an Uninformed Racist

  1. Ask them to repeat themselves.Make the person repeat what they said to you. This way, they must have the courage to say it again when they have your full attention. Also, you have the opportunity to verify what you heard before reacting.
    • Once they repeat themselves, you might simply use silence to show your disapproval or you might ask questions like, “Do you really believe that?”
  2. Explain why the comment is inappropriate.In some situations, particularly if the person is close to you or if they may be repeating what they’ve heard elsewhere, it can help to educate them. If they are willing to listen, let them know why their comment was hurtful, racist, and inappropriate.
    • You might say, “I’m assuming you spoke out of ignorance on this subject, so I’ll correct you. It is very hurtful to hear you make comments about my skin color or racial group. Even if what you said is true for one person, it’s not true for us all. I’m sure you can think of many differences among people in your own racial group… Please don’t say that again.”
  3. Explain that some slang isn’t OK to say outside of that ethnic group.People of a particular ethnicity will sometimes refer to each other with slang terms that aren’t acceptable for people of another ethnicity to use. Explain to the person calling you that it’s okay to use that name outside of the particular ethnic group and with someone you’re not close to.
    • Say, “Maybe you’ve heard me use that name with my friends, but it means something different when you’re saying it to me in this situation.”
  4. Deliver a comeback about their own racial group.Most people who make racist comments aren’t accustomed to people turning the tables on them. Make a point to show them what it feels like to be called a racist name by repeating a stereotype you have heard about their racial group.
  5. Commit to making an impact against racism.Another way to do something positive for yourself and potentially impact others who experience racist insults is volunteerism and advocacy. Look up groups in your area that stand up against racism or inequality. Join one and do your part to reduce racial intolerance.
    • Start by visiting the United Nations’ website to learn what you can do to fight racism.

Keeping Your Cool During and After the Insult

  1. Take a few deep breaths.Breathe deeply before you react out of anger. Take a few seconds to collect yourself and ease any mounting tension. Inhale from your nose for a few counts. Hold the breath briefly. Then, exhale from your mouth for a few counts. Repeat one or two times.
  2. Count to 10 (or 100).A great method for keeping cool after being insulted is counting to 10. You can do this while you practice deep breathing. With each exhale, you might mentally count “1,” “2,” and so on. This can help you get back to a space of calm before speaking to the person.
    • You are more likely to have a productive conversation with the racist person if you are calm and have your emotions under control, and there’s less of a chance that the discussion will become violent if you can stay calm.
  3. Drink a sip of water.Some people may be triggered after being called a racist name. You might feel a dramatic rise in anger or anxiety. Water is a terrific “grounding” element, which serves to reconnect you with the environment around you. Plus, sipping cool water may give you time to decide how you want to respond..
  4. Shake it off.There’s a popular saying about “letting things roll off your back” when people attempt to degrade you. Sometimes, this is much easier said than done. But, it might be better to act out the concept by wiggling a little in your seat or shaking your arms.
    • Mentally envision the comment trying to catch a hold to your skin, but you keep shaking until it falls to the floor, unable to harm you.
  5. List why you’re awesome.Being called a racist name can negatively impact your self-esteem. Therefore, nothing helps you bounce back from an insult better than reminding yourself of all the reasons the person who insulted you was wrong. Make a list of all your best attributes. Hang it up on your bathroom mirror or place it on the nightstand beside your bed.
    • Whenever you remember the hurtful comment, repeat the list aloud like, “I am outgoing,” “I am caring,” or “I am a talented trumpet player.”
  6. Treat yourself.Self-care is essential as you recover from being called a racist name. Do something really special for yourself to remind you why you’re important and worthy. Think outside of the box and really treat yourself to something you wouldn’t usually do.
    • This might be a night out in the city with your closest pals, a lounge day at home with a blanket and a good book, or a weekend shopping spree.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    What should I do if a sexist and racist person is operating in a state government run facility?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    You could report them to the government. If they are calling you racist names, then you could report it as harassment.
  • Question
    What do I do if someone won't stop following me?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Go to the police and file a report.
  • Question
    What can I do to protect myself from a group of racists that are trying to harm me? I live in transitional housing and can't just leave.
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Talk to the people supervising the transitional housing.
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