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How to Acquire a Website

Three Methods:

The Internet is filled with websites of all sizes, targeting millions of different audiences and offering just as many products and services. For an entrepreneur, starting a brand new website from scratch can be a successful venture. However, acquiring an existing website can lead to greater profits sooner because it cuts out the time needed to build and establish a brand. If you want to know how to acquire a website successfully, you only need to follow a few guidelines and instructions.


Which Websites Should You Buy?

  1. Look for a website that already targets the market you want to target.Acquiring a website that already targets your intended market is a great way to instantly build a customer base for your current or future products and services.
    • For example, if you are planning to offer your services as a writing coach, then you'd want to acquire a website whose audience is made up of new and learning writers. If you want to coach writers, it would be counterproductive to acquire a website dedicated to something like gardening.
  2. Look for a website that is poorly optimized for generating advertising revenue.Many websites have plenty of great content but fail to optimize their website for maximum traffic and ad performance. If you acquire a website like this, you can quickly implement optimizations and start generating more ad revenue for yourself.
    • When looking for poorly optimized sites, pay attention to their advertisement placement. Sometimes you can boost a website's ad revenue simply by moving around the ads so that they are more visible. You should also look for websites with poor keyword density and search engine optimization. By improving on that, you can drastically increase a website's visibility across search engines, thus increasing traffic and exposure.
  3. Look to acquire community-driven websites, blogs, and forums.When a website has a large community surrounding its brand, all of those community members form a potential market for your products and services. Don't just acquire any community, though. Find a large community that would be interested in buying what you have to offer.
  4. Look for websites that are competing in your market.If you find other websites that are trying to sell similar services or products, then you may want to acquire those websites to reduce competition. By removing the competition, you gain market dominance and you increase your stability in that market.

Where Can You Find Websites?

  1. Browse an online website trading marketplace.There are websites that allow website owners who wish to sell their websites to post listings. Website trading marketplaces can be very convenient for the buyer, but you most likely will not find a good bargain there.
  2. Search the web manually.Using a search engine, browse for websites that fit into your intended market. Skip the big websites that are securely established, as you won't be able to buy those websites without paying a large price. Find websites that aren't too big, have a good amount of consistent content, but have yet to become extremely popular.

How Do You Buy a Website?

  1. Research the target website.When you have your sights set on a website that you wish to buy, do a bit of research. Find out about its history. If they have a forum, check it out. If the website has statistics available, review them.
    • You can check into a website's history using a couple of methods. You can view a website's history of popularity by consulting the Alexa website ranking service. You can view previous versions of a website by using the Wayback Machine online service. You can view information regarding a website's domain name by performing a WHOIS lookup. All of these services are sourced below.
  2. Contact the owner.If you're absolutely sure you want to purchase the website, then browse the website and find a contact email address for the owner. In the email, introduce yourself and express your liking of the site, but do not tell them yet that you're interested in buying the site. Use the first few emails to gauge the owner's interest in their own site.
  3. Negotiate a price.Once you've let the owner know that you want to purchase their website, you'll need to negotiate an acceptable price for both parties. Ask the owner for information regarding visitor traffic, site revenues, site costs, and other site statistics. The negotiating process can be very short or very long depending on the website owner's willingness to compromise.
  4. Seal the deal.Create a contract outlining all of the points of the sale and have both parties date and sign it. It would be a good idea to have a lawyer look over the contract to verify its validity. Once the contract is signed, make the payment and have the owner transfer everything related to the site over to your name.

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How to Acquire a Website
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2019 year - How to Acquire a Website pictures

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How to Acquire a Website pictures
How to Acquire a Website images

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