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Getting Started With Type 2

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My 43-year-old husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this week. He weighed 249 pounds last November, and as of today, he is 181 pounds. I always associated the disease with weight gain, so I never guessed he had diabetes. I have two basic questions: Have we done any damage waiting so long for the diagnosis? This is all so overwhelming — where is the best place to start finding information? The Internet? Books? Thank you for your advice.  — Andrea, Indiana

A diagnosis of diabetes can be overwhelming for many reasons. It can be a frightening disease, which, if not managed well, can lead to life-threatening complications. Because diabetes involves something that is so basic to our existence — food — it can seem to control our lives. But the challenge — and your goal — is to take control of the disease instead.

Diabetes typically begins subtly. On average, it takes five years from onset to diagnosis. Most people who are diagnosed in the early stages find out incidentally, when they have their blood sugar checked for other reasons, but most diabetes-related symptoms, including weight loss, do not occur early on. I know it's counterintuitive to think that one might lose weight as he or she is developing diabetes, but it is a time of great metabolic demand and fluid loss, and that can result in the loss of weight. The delay in diagnosis can be associated with some complications, such as early retinal (back of the eye) disease, but the good news is that with good sugar control, these complications can be prevented or managed.

A great deal of information about diabetes and its management is available. The first sources of information should be your husband's doctor and the diabetes educator at your local health center or hospital. The Internet can also be a great source, but you must sift through the information carefully. One informative place to start is right here at, in the Diabetes Center. You can also go to the 's Web site, as well as that of the , to find information relevant to you and your family. Many books are also available to the lay public that you might find helpful, including some written by individuals who live with diabetes. You can also readDiabetic Livingmagazine and visit its Web site.

If you decide to take any advice in the books or on the Web sites, I suggest you first consult your husband's doctor to make sure the information is accurate and up to date.

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Getting Started With Type 2
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