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Drawing hourglass images
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Link visits the Temple multiple times during the course of the game's story, in order to obtain sea charts that allow him to sail to other parts of the ocean. Throughout the game, the Temple has a curse placed on it that drains Link's life.

Players of both sides are aided by power-up items that appear on the playing field. Link's goal is to grab a Force Gem and carry it to his base. The other player, controlling the three Phantom Guardians, must find and catch Link before he returns.

11 In 2006, Nintendo presented the keynote address at the annual Game Developers Conference, where they also revealed Phantom Hourglass for the first time and presented a demo. At the conference, Nintendo announced that the game would be released in late 2006. 12 For the.

Drawing hourglass
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6 Development edit The Gold edition Nintendo DS Lite is emblazoned with The Legend of Zelda 's signature Triforce logo. Development started in May 2004, at which point the game still had gameplay similar to Four Swords Adventures. 9 At a press conference in Japan.

Along the way, the pair discover the Ghost Ship and Tetra enters it; however, immediately after entering the Ghost Ship, she screams for help. While Link attempts to follow her, he slips and falls into the ocean. Washed ashore on an island, Link is awakened.

Oshus, now in his true form as a white whale, readies to depart with the three spirits, while Linebeck, surprising everyone, wishes not for treasure but for his ship back, and Tetra and Link teleport back onto Tetra's pirate ship, where its crew tells them.

Look - Drawing hourglass video
Look - Drawing hourglass video

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