Contact Lens Shopping & Vegan Pad Thai Recipe

Contact Lens Shopping

How to determine what type of contact lens is best for you.

By Krisha McCoy

Medically Reviewed by Christine Wilmsen Craig, MD

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If your eye-care provider has suggested that you try contact lenses, you may be wondering which type of contact lens is best for you. You’re probably aware that there are hard and soft contact lenses, but within these large categories, there are also a wide variety of different lens types. And depending on your eyes and your preferences, there is probably a type of contact lens that is best suited for you.

"Contact lenses are usually well-tolerated and perform well for people who are properly selected," says Thomas Steinemann, MD, associate professor of ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University and an ophthalmologist at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. In determining the type of contact lens that might work best for your needs, consider the following information about both soft and hard lenses:

Soft Contact Lenses

Today, most people who wear contact lenses wear the type made from pliable plastic materials and known as "soft lenses." This type of contact lens comes in several variations, which include:

  • Daily-wear lenses.The most basic version of soft contact lenses, daily-wear lenses are made of plastic that is flexible, soft, and porous, which allows oxygen to reach the eye. They must be removed and cleaned every night and replaced according to your doctor's directions.
  • Extended-wear lenses.These contact lenses can be worn for up to a week without having to remove them for cleaning.
  • Extended-wear disposable lenses.These lenses can be worn for up to six days and are then discarded.
  • Planned replacement lenses.This type of contact lens is worn for a planned period of time — usually two weeks or a month — and then replaced with a new pair.

"Soft lenses are usually tolerated pretty quickly," says Dr. Steinemann. "Within a few minutes of putting the lens on the eye, many people stop noticing that the lens is even there." However, he says, some patients do report that they feel the contact lens in their eye, or experience a sensation of dryness when the lenses are in place.

If you decide to get a soft contact lens, talk with your doctor about which type would be best for you. Some doctors prefer that you don't wear lenses overnight because the continuous wear of contact lenses may put you at increased risk of an eye infection or for other problems related to your vision. In general, most eye care professionals "don't recommend that people sleep in their lenses" if it can be avoided says Steinemann.

Depending on how much time you are willing to spend cleaning your lenses, some types may be better for you than others. For people who are looking for less cleaning responsibility, disposable lenses may be a better option; on the down side, they can also be more expensive.

Hard Contact Lenses

For some people, "hard," or rigid gas-permeable (RGP), lenses may work better than soft lenses. Like soft lenses, RGP lenses are available in an extended-wear version. "A small percentage of people who wear contacts — 10 percent or less — wear gas-permeable lenses," says Steinemann.

While it takes some time to adapt to wearing hard lenses, and they also have greater potential to slip around on the eye than soft lenses, this type of contact lens may work better for some people than soft lenses do. Hard lenses can correct some vision problems that soft lenses cannot. For example, "hard lenses correct astigmatism (blurred vision due to changes in the shape of the eye) better than soft lenses do," says Steinemann.

Contact Lens Care

Whether you opt for soft or hard contact lenses, the most important responsibility you will take on when switching to contact lenses is making sure you properly care for the lenses.

This involves cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses after each wear, and storing them in a contact lens case, which should also be properly cleaned and maintained. Depending on the type of lens you choose, your doctor will teach you how to properly care for your contacts. Poorly cleaned or cared for lenses can lead to serious eye infections and other complications.

If you are considering contact lenses, talk with your physician about the best choice for you and your lifestyle. Keeping in mind the lens care requirements that come with each type can help you to make a decision that's right for you.

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